2 Easiest Ways to Give your LED TV an upgrade to Smart TV

To own a first-rate television set at home is to treat yourself to one of the most beloved and enduring forms of entertainment in the past century. You can browse all your favorite channels, be tuned in to the latest news and get updated of the newest trends to hit the town without having to leave your doorstep, or your couch.  As great as all of this sound, our traditional perception of television is slowly becoming a thing of the past since the introduction of the Android TV Dongle, particularly the Measy U1A model. This small modem converts the TV screen into a smart computer where all the web functions can be easily accessed.

Smart TV

Those who worry about the space a desktop computer occupies will surely enjoy the convenience that the Measy UIA is offering. It’s smaller than your average prepaid stick, yet it has the same capacity as a regular computer.  One can download almost every available application from Google because of its Android compatibility.  From there, you can get the applications fast and free with its wide selections that feature games, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and so on.  Also, the Measy U1A comes in 3D processing capability in high definition, which is a tremendous feature considering its reasonable price.

On the other hand, the Measy RC12, or the 2-in-1 smart air mouse + touchpad wireless keyboard, elevates the functions of the conventional mouse and keyboard of the old days. Thanks to its handy wireless features, high sensitivity, and fast connection, these devices is a dream come true for all the lovers of technology out there.  Perfect for group presentations and seminars, the Measy RC12 can be easily purchased from your trusted online shop.

The combined features of the Measy RC12 and the Measy UIA would create an exciting virtual experience that would leave little to the imagination.  Just check out the numerous other positive reviews for these devices, and you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. With the Measy RC12 and the Measy U1A, you can upgrade your awesome LED TV to an even more awesome Smart TV.