KAIBOER K3 HD Network Media Player

Easy-to-use. Fast. Reliable. Rest assured that your files will be in good hands with the Kaiboer K3 HD Network Media Player. No more stagnant buffering and long waiting hours for you to watch your favorite movie. You can now watch in no time at all!

More than that, the K3 HD isn’t just a mere media player; it has a built-in Wifi with an approximate 100Mbps LAN connection. You will definitely have no qualms on its quick responses and smooth operating system. Upgrading to a K3 HD saves you the time and frustration over lagging performances as you are guaranteed to experience high-definition viewing.

The high-def decoder engine allows you to watch and play almost all files in HD formats up to full HD 1080p. The noiseless playback is also thrown into the bargain as Kaiboer only gives the best of the high quality functions that this product can offer. Seriously, what’s not to love?

KAIBOER K3 HD Network Media Player

Using the overly-popular and recommended Realtek 1185 chipset, this feature dispatches the need for an exhaust fan as this unit has a minimal heat dissipation, eliminating the possibility of overheating. Thanks to this cool feature, you can enjoy 8-hour movie marathons without taking a break. Plus, this media player is constructed with low-power consumption that conserves a lot of energy. This translates to an audiovisual experience that is both relaxing and cost-effective.

Ready for more Kaiboer K3 HD Network Media Player awesomeness? Are you sure? Good. Here we go.

Programmed and suitable with a unique Linux operating system, the K3 HD network media player also has a BD External subtitle and BD menu that supports 11 types of OSD language and seven different subtitle languages for you to choose from. Aside from the included manual and remote control, it is relatively easy to manage.

K3’s casing design had been integrally devised and engineered using imported and top-quality plastics by a celebrated designer, dedicated to creating stylish yet durable pieces of technology. Kaiboer guarantees maximized product life and service competitively comparable to other high-end media players out in the market.

The K3 HD is structured with not just one but two USB ports, which is excellent for transferring or copying files. On its exterior, the plain white coating keeps it simple and neat and quite elegant.

As for the cost, the K3 HD is totally economical and recommended for those who are tight on budget but would still rather enjoy great entertainment for the right price. Hoping for discounts? No problem. That’s what EBuy Group is for, right?