Huawei’s World’s Fastest Smartphone

Hold on to your trousers everyone. Huawei has just claimed that the Ascend P2 is now “the world’s fastest smartphone” to date. Powered by 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, the Ascend P2 features a download speed that’s unbelievably faster than all the other smartphones, thanks to Huawei’s proprietary ‘swift sharing’. Oo-ah!

The Ascend P2 also uses Quick Power Control (QPC) and Automated Discontinuous Reception (ADRX), which are power-conservation technologies that reduces energy consumption and charging time by 30%. Together with its NFC module, you can now browse through your favorite group buying store for prolonged hours.

Huawei Ascend P2

Dominated by a 4.7-inch IPS HD LCD touchscreen unit, the Ascend P2 measures 8.4mm at its thickest point. Its ‘magic touch’ greatly improves the screen responsiveness (you can use it with gloves!) and the instant keyword translation and Wikipedia searches have now become more intuitive and easy to use with its “smart reading” feature.

To top off the device’s exemplary specs is the world’s fastest mobile processor, an innovation that’s sure to give Apple, Samsung, and LG products a run for their money. Still not convinced? Here’s an official statement from Mr. Richard Yu, the Chief Executive Officer at Huawei Consumer Business Group:

“Ascend P2 is the perfect combination of elegance and power, and further proof that there’s no need to compromise when desiring a perfect smartphone. It is evidence of the outstanding smartphone experiences and great technology that we are committed to bringing to consumers globally,”

Mr. Yu further said that the smartphone can be programmed to display an excess of 100 different themes or appearances. This is going to create an abundance of new Huawei fans. In regard to Apple’s tendency to competitive companies, Miss Amy Lou, global brand director of Huawei said: “It has not been an easy journey for us…”

Though this expresses minor concerns for Huawei, Ms. Lou ends her speech on a positive note by claiming that Huawei is “a great consumer brand in the making.”

Reports say that the Ascend P2 will be released somewhere during the 2nd quarter of 2013 in most of the world’s regions, although the stores of Bangladesh won’t have any stocks until July.

What do you think? Is Huawei running on the right track? Will it be able to throw Apple and Google out of the competition? Can it thrive as the best smartphone maker in the world? Drop your comments below!