Watch your Favorite Channel on Your Personal Computer or Laptop NOW!


Doesn’t it suck to miss episodes of your favorite TV shows? And isn’t it depressing to discover that the Internet has no alternatives to make you catch up? Television schedule can be downright frustrating. Think about all the awesome shows you may be missing: Game of Thrones. Dexter. Mad Men. BREAKING BAD. Oh, dear. Tell me that you’re at least up to date with Breaking Bad?!

Our busy lifestyles can be a real killjoy, but the latest products of technology has been kind to us by introducing the GADMEI UTV332E TV Box, an extremely portable treasure that lets you watch your favorite shows right on your personal computer or laptop. Sounds good? Course it does.

Thanks to the GADMEI’s EMPIA USB2.0 video processing chip, you’ll feel as though you’re watching your show through a legit television screen. How is this possible? Well, this is because the EMPIA turns your computer into a high definition TV. You should be good to go once your get your hands on a USB 2.0.

Like actual television sets, it has a full channel searching feature. And aside from the fact that the GADMEI hold up to 157 channels (100 cable and 57 areal), it will also automatically adjust the show’s resolution for your best viewing pleasure.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the GADMEI also has a user-defined 100 Favorite Programs that lets you rename the channels you love. This means that you can list and personalize the channel of your all-time favorite shows!

What is even more exciting about this device is that it also allows you to record your favorite programs. Oorah! Not only can you view your shows using your computer, but you can also record them for future repeat viewings, all thanks to the GADMEI.

Indeed, GADMEI UTV332E TV Box is another breakthrough in the realms of technology. It is truly a product of genius. What a successful attempt to reinvent both television and computers! It’s ike hitting two jackpots with one coin.