Star N9776 Note2: A Smartphone that does not Burn Money

The products of technology are being constructed and distributed at an immeasurable pace. It no longer matters who you are, where you live, or what your lifestyle is. All you have to do name your need, cause there is surely a gadget out there that will be more than happy to satisfy you.

The boom of Smartphones has greatly contributed in the rampant rise of this technological age. And though most of the items that you’ll find in this category are quite costly, more cost-effective models have been made available to the market. The challenge here is in finding the economical ones that are also high quality. It is easy to spot a really affordable Smartphone; the hard part comes when it’s time to check if the model at hand is actually reliable. Ask yourself the question: “Will this Smartphone be worth the buy, or am I just wasting my money on a cheap, frail replica”?

Considering this reality, it is wiser to be more meticulous when it comes to picking the perfect Smartphone for you.

Star N9776 Note2

In comes the Star N9776 Note2, one of the newest Smartphones available in online stores today. A reliable partner in multitasking, this superior device is a 3G Smartphone powered by the operating system of Android 4.0.9. It also has an MTK6577 1.2GHz dual core processor that speeds up all the essential functions that you need. Plus, it has 512 RAM and 4G ROM. Also, it can support up to 32G of external memory. These specifications will allow you to do a lot of things more smoothly and efficiently.

This device is perfect for people who constantly need to be connected while on the go. Through the 802.11b/g/h WIFI of the Star N9776 Note2, you can certainly surf the net without hassle wherever you are. Because it has a 6-inch screen, running applications would be very convenient for you as you run your errands. Have I mentioned that it’s also a dual-sim Smartphone? Do you know how much more comfortable it would be for you to eliminate the responsibility of having two mobile phones with you all the time?

Another great thing about the Star N9776 Note2 is that it has an 8.0 MP camera through which you can capture high quality images and videos. And to further ensure the quality of your snap shops and clips, it also comes with built-in flash and auto focus. Not just that, it also has a secondary camera showcasing 300k Pixels. Awesome, yes?

On top of everything, the best thing about the Star N9776 Note2 is that, unlike other Smartphones of its kind, this particular model does not cost a lot. For the price of only Php9,200, it is significantly more economical compared to other Smartphones which offer the same capacities. With this purchase, you can assure yourself that you won’t end up burning any money.

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Star N9776 Note2: A Smartphone that does not Burn Money