Give Your LED TV an Easy Upgrade to Smart TV: Review of Measy Android TV Dongle

With the latest technologies applied to it, the televisions of today has become a window to a high-def universe, bringing the sharpest picture and crispest sound that we’ve ever seen and heard. The big leap towards a superior entertainment package is upgrading your LED TV into a Smart TV. Though the option of purchasing a Smart TV will always be there, a lot of people find this to be too expensive. This particular post will be most useful for people who just want to enhance their TV to become something more than just a set top box for cable.

Perhaps one of the best options for turning your LED TV into a Smart TV is with the Measy U1A Android TV Dongle, a little device packed with lots of power. Because LED TVs are constructed with an HDMI port, the Measy U1A is automatically compatible with this versatile device. Once you plug it in, you immediately gain access to various functions like Internet browsing, programming, chatting, blogging, watching movies online, and many more. That’s something that you can’t experience with an ordinary television set.

Measy's Android TV Dongle

What the Measy IUA essentially does is turn your TV into a computer that provides you with the same opportunities that a conventional desktop PC gives you. There are a lot of other media players out there that does the same thing, and some people even build their own mini-PC to turn into a media center. The difference with those and the Measy U1A Android TV Dongle is the size. While other devices take up quite a bit of space, the Measy U1A is a simple dongle that’s smaller than your hand which you can safely store just about anywhere in your home.

Despite its small size, the capabilities of the Measy U1A are provided by the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is perhaps the most powerful and stable mobile operating system available today. This operating system is so versatile that it can be used for phones, tablets, gaming devices, and even media devices for various applications. With it, you gain access to thousands upon thousands of applications that are available in the Google Market, a lot of which can enhance the capabilities of your TV. From there, you can easily build your entertainment center in your own home.

The Measy U1A Android TV Dongle is available for sale both in tech shops and online stores. Upgrading your LED TV into a Smart TV with this precious device will give you potentially unlimited access to entertainment, no matter what your preferences are. The best thing about this gadget is that it doesn’t require you to mess with entangled wires and complicated instructions. Its portability makes installation a breeze, and the Android OS’ interface is so easily comprehended that even kids can learn to use them in a short span of time.

If great entertainment is what you’re looking for, then the Measy U1A Android TV Dongle is the answer to all of your prayers.

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Give Your LED TV an Easy Upgrade to Smart TV: Review of Measy Android TV Dongle