New Firefox Mobile OS to Battle against Android and Apple

Mozilla’s first attempt in attaining fame in the Mobile OS sector has yielded great results. The Firefox OS has now become one of the most liked Mobile Operating Systems, placing the iOS and Android in considerable danger. The introduction of this state-of-the-art device, which is more intuitive and easier-to-use, should completely change the way how people use their smartphones.

The Firefox Mobile OS is based on the open web source, which allows for the usage of HTML5-based apps browser. According to Mozilla:

“Firefox phones will be the world’s first open web devices.”

Furthermore, the Firefox OS is available for FREE to mobile manufacturers. This is one of those factors that’s going to cause a few troubles amongst the current Mobile OS giants: the iOS and Android.

Mr. Tony Cripps, the Ovum analyst declared:

“Firefox OS has achieved something that no device software platform has previously managed.”

He further explained that the Firefox OS is “translating an industry talking shop into a huge commitment from both carriers and hardware vendors at its commercial launch”.

Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS

As per the current situation and future assumptions, Mozilla has clear plans to grab up to 85% of the market share of iOS and Android.

Mozilla’s statement regarding its Mobile OS:

“Firefox OS smartphones are the first built entirely to open web standards, enabling every feature to be developed as an HTML5 application,”

“Web apps access every underlying capability of the device, bypassing the typical hindrances of HTML5 on mobile to deliver substantial performance. The platform’s flexibility allows carriers to easily tailor the interface and develop localized services that match the unique needs of their customer base.”

“Most mobile apps are built with web technologies at the core, and then wrapped in a proprietary technology to distribute the app on a specific platform,” the foundation added. “Mozilla is unlocking the web as a mobile development platform with Firefox Marketplace and unwrapping mobile apps to enable more opportunity and control for developers and consumers”

According to Mozilla, some of its new features involve intuitive search features, which includes integration with Facebook and Twitter, the flagship of the social media universe.

“Firefox OS includes all the things people need from a smartphone out of the box — calls, messaging, email, camera, and more — as well as the things you wish a smartphone offered, like built-in cost controls, social features with Facebook and Twitter, location-based services, much-loved features like the Firefox web browser, new ability to discover one-time use and downloadable apps, Firefox Marketplace, and much more.”

What’s interesting about Mozilla’s marketing plan is its intention to launch its OS smartphones (1) in markets where the iOS and Android are least popular and (2) in countries that are most excited for open web standards messaging. Markets that get to experience the Firefox OS smartphones are the following: Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain, and Venezuela.

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New Firefox Mobile OS to Battle against Android and Apple