Bang for the Buck Tablet PC: ONDA V712

Technology has evolved from being considered as a convenient invention to being identified as a necessary fad.  Most of our markets today consist of numerous brands and countless species of gadgets that people go crazy for. We are treated to a vast selection of devices that include the most advanced cellular phones, the most updated PCs, the most innovative laptops, the most popular Tablet PCs, and so on. Because technological upgrades have been abrupt and inevitable, questions like “What’s the latest?” and “Where can I buy that?” can be heard almost everywhere. And even though these gadgets are, in essence, more of a WANT than a NEED, people are willing to spend a lot of cash  on the latest and the most popular products in the market, which are, most of the time, also the most expensive ones.


Practically, not all people can buy the most expensive gadgets that are heavily displayed and advertised in the marketplace. Though this is the unfortunate truth, we can find comfort in the fact that ONDA had just released the V712, their latest 7-inch android slate. This Tablet PC has the most avant-garde software and hardware that an android tablet can possibly offer. Its 1.5 GHz dual core processor and 1GB DDR3 RAM allows you to run applications smooth and fast. Experience this fast-performing device with an ultra clear, high resolution screen at 1280*800 pixels.

Record lots of videos, store a multitude of pictures and install games and applications in its 16GB built-in storage (external up to 32GB). This capacitive touchscreen device allows its users to watch movies, do work reports, and play games without the need of stylus pens. Convenient, right? Moreover, it is in a 4.0.03 (upgradable to 4.1) android platform which enables its home screen folders be easily managed. Users can also add shortcuts, check mail, play music, etc. right from the home screen. Interact with your friends with its dual camera (0.3MP-front camera; 2.0MP-rear camera). With all the V712’s splendid features, multi-tasking, customization and interaction can be done at its users ease.

With its promising package, the ONDA V712 can be compared side-by-side with today’s most popular tablet PCs. With all the abovementioned specifications, and with the fact that it is about three times cheaper as compared to its counterparts, you can indeed experience MORE for LESS.

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Bang for the Buck Tablet PC: ONDA V712