Watch your Favorite Channel on Your Personal Computer or Laptop NOW!


Doesn’t it suck to miss episodes of your favorite TV shows? And isn’t it depressing to discover that the Internet has no alternatives to make you catch up? Television schedule can be downright frustrating. Think about all the awesome shows you may be missing: Game of Thrones. Dexter. Mad Men. BREAKING BAD. Oh, dear. Tell me that you’re at least up to date with Breaking Bad?!

Our busy lifestyles can be a real killjoy, but the latest products of technology has been kind to us by introducing the GADMEI UTV332E TV Box, an extremely portable treasure that lets you watch your favorite shows right on your personal computer or laptop. Sounds good? Course it does.

Thanks to the GADMEI’s EMPIA USB2.0 video processing chip, you’ll feel as though you’re watching your show through a legit television screen. How is this possible? Well, this is because the EMPIA turns your computer into a high definition TV. You should be good to go once your get your hands on a USB 2.0.

Like actual television sets, it has a full channel searching feature. And aside from the fact that the GADMEI hold up to 157 channels (100 cable and 57 areal), it will also automatically adjust the show’s resolution for your best viewing pleasure.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the GADMEI also has a user-defined 100 Favorite Programs that lets you rename the channels you love. This means that you can list and personalize the channel of your all-time favorite shows!

What is even more exciting about this device is that it also allows you to record your favorite programs. Oorah! Not only can you view your shows using your computer, but you can also record them for future repeat viewings, all thanks to the GADMEI.

Indeed, GADMEI UTV332E TV Box is another breakthrough in the realms of technology. It is truly a product of genius. What a successful attempt to reinvent both television and computers! It’s ike hitting two jackpots with one coin.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Government-Regulated Group Buying Sites

With the abundance of group buying sites nowadays, it is no longer surprising that authorities have started to keep a steady eye on them. In the past couple years, certain group buying sites were reported for offering fraudulent deals. Although there are individuals who feel better now thinking that group buying sites have become safer, it is inevitable for the others to raise an eyebrow regarding the issue.

To be fair, both sides make reasonable arguments, which explain why certain people choose to react in a particular way towards such a matter. In this post, let us try to identify the advantages and disadvantages of government-regulated group buying sites. Before we begin analyzing, we must answer the question:

What do we mean by government-regulated group buying sites in the first place?

If a group buying site is regulated by the government, then it means that no one can purchase anything from that site unless he or she has a certain permit from certain government offices. Meaning to say, these particular sites have been officially recognized by the government, so all issues regarding it can be forwarded or traced back to the designated authorities. Also, the deals that they offer on these sites are also verified by these offices to make sure that zero products are neither fake nor substandard. This process rids any harmful products that could easily find their way in non-regulated sites.

Group Buying Sites Regulated by the Government

So what is good about these government-regulated sites?

Since these sites are carefully regulated by the government, buyers can be assured that the vendors and manufacturers they are transacting with are real. And if ever something goes wrong, it would be easier for them to get in touch with these sellers because they have ample records and documentations. Shoppers are assured that they are dealing with trustworthy individuals and legitimate companies, establishing such sites as the safer option.

Quality control is also another advantage of these sites. Since the government is involved in the operation of the sites, there is assurance that these products and services passed the qualifications and standards set by the government offices. They are also sure to have undergone ample screening processes to make sure that the products are exactly as how they are advertised.

Now what are the drawbacks of these government-regulated sites then?

First, let us take into account the main reasons why people have easily fallen in love with group buying sites:

  • Cheaper goods – Through group buying, a crowd composed of individuals who are eyeing on the same Smartphone, or laptop, or tablet, can actually purchase it a much lower price. This is due to the fact that a crowd has a stronger bargaining power compared to an individual.
  • Great deals – Group buying sites offer the greatest deals in town. This we all know. Besides the fact that they attract numerous buyers, they also attract a number of suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers that aim to offer their amazing products and services to interested parties.
  • New products – Apparently, there is a multitude of interesting new products in group buying sites. In fact, quite a number of small companies and starting businesses use group buying sites to promote their offerings to the public. This is their way of letting people know about what they, finding prospective clients in the process.

So how does the involvement of the government affect these?

If a site is regulated by the government, then it means that the government has a lot of say on the sites’ affiliate companies and deals. And since these government offices want to be stricter in their screening and monitoring processes, there is a big tendency that the deals, particularly the very cheap ones, will be somehow limited. For instance, officers might give more favor to more established companies with good records over the new or starting ones. They may also be stricter when it comes to new products and companies. Ultimately, the government’s involvement may lead to lesser deals and higher prices.

Record Every Second of Your Favorite TV Program on Your Laptop

Sometimes, watching your favorite shows on your stunning Smart TV doesn’t seem enough. I’m sure there’ve been instances when you wanted to preserve certain scenes for you to watch over and over again whenever you want to relive their memories. Well, that wish is entirely possible now, thanks to the introduction of the GADMEI UTV332E TV Box.

Here is a device that allows your laptop to work as though it were a television set. Meaning to say, you can watch your favorite television shows using your laptop, wherever you are, whenever you want. And apart from that, it also has excellent recording capabilities that let you capture your favorite moments on the television.


Actually, this device is good at both taking photos and videos. And an awesome thing about the GADMEI UTV332E TV Box is that it can capture photos and videos in an absolute instant. Because of this helpful feature, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing a few scenes that can result from a slow capturing device. The technical superiority of the GADMEI UTV332E TV Box will make sure that each scene will be smoothly and completely captured or recorded as soon as you hit the necessary button. To establish its excellence, this device is designed to take static and dynamic pictures of high quality. No more low quality outputs; no more missed opportunities.

Apart from these functions, the GADMEI UTV332E is also designed to handle multi-format, real-time recording, which lets you choose from different formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and Microsoft MPEG-4. Thus, you no longer have to worry about incompatibility issues. Through this feature, you can select the format that is readable by your device. Plus, such formats can also be easily burned in DVDs which can be helpful as you decide to archive your files. And sure, these DVDs are playable in different players and devices, helping you avoid headaches caused by incompatibility issues.

To further complete your wonderful experience with this innovative device, the GADMEI UTV332E is also capable of  recording your desired TV shows automatically at the time of your choice. All you have to do is set or program it according to the time schedule of whatever show you would like to record. Once you’ve set everything up, the recording will take care of itself.

Available on group buying sites, the GADMEI UTV332E allows you to fix colors, cut clips, or add certain effects to your photos and/or videos. This has been made possible because this device also comes with a video editor function. The GADMEI UTV332E TV Box is another great invention that has provided more opportunities to preserve our favorite memories.

How do Group Buying Sites Earn Profit?

As we know, group buying sites have been around for quite some time now. In fact, it has gained a significant amount of popularity here in the Philippines. Because they specialize in slicing a huge chunk off the price of their products, these online stores have become a huge hit. Do you know that, on some occasions, these discounts can exceed the 70% mark? Amazing, huh?

Considering the awesome discounts and unlimited perks that are constantly offered to us by group buying sites, it is inevitable for one shopper to stop and wonder, “How does this kind of business earn a profit?”

A good question, but before we can go on and answer it, we must first develop an understanding on how group buying sites function in the first place.

Group Buying Philippines

Group buying was born out of the belief that collective purchasing has a stronger bargaining power than individual shopping. By highlighting a special discount on a particular product, numerous online shoppers would sign up and purchase that discounted product. Though this method is also true for regular shopping at malls, the twist here is that the price of the special product would get lower as more people signed up to purchase it. Because the discounts are only available for a specific amount of time, products are always purchased in bulk.

Indeed, group buying sites have provided great opportunities for online shoppers, but there are times when a site isn’t able to meet the required quota of buyers that would result in the proposed discount. Potential buyers won’t have their chosen products given to them automatically for they still have to wait until the time given for the deal has run out. And when the time is finally up, there will be a review whether the deal has reached its quota of buyers. If the deal has reached the quota, that is the only time when the buyers will be charged and receive their purchase.

Following this system, the site therefore becomes a referrer of a number of sure buyers to their affiliate companies. Since the sites have a huge group of followers, it is easy for them to easily attract buyers that would sign up for their deals. And it is through these abundant referrals that they get their commissions.

In fact, even if the deal fails to meet the minimum requirement, the site is still able to get some helpful information from these interested buyers as their names are added to the affiliate companies’ list of prospective clients in the near future.

Star N9776 Note2: A Smartphone that does not Burn Money

The products of technology are being constructed and distributed at an immeasurable pace. It no longer matters who you are, where you live, or what your lifestyle is. All you have to do name your need, cause there is surely a gadget out there that will be more than happy to satisfy you.

The boom of Smartphones has greatly contributed in the rampant rise of this technological age. And though most of the items that you’ll find in this category are quite costly, more cost-effective models have been made available to the market. The challenge here is in finding the economical ones that are also high quality. It is easy to spot a really affordable Smartphone; the hard part comes when it’s time to check if the model at hand is actually reliable. Ask yourself the question: “Will this Smartphone be worth the buy, or am I just wasting my money on a cheap, frail replica”?

Considering this reality, it is wiser to be more meticulous when it comes to picking the perfect Smartphone for you.

Star N9776 Note2

In comes the Star N9776 Note2, one of the newest Smartphones available in online stores today. A reliable partner in multitasking, this superior device is a 3G Smartphone powered by the operating system of Android 4.0.9. It also has an MTK6577 1.2GHz dual core processor that speeds up all the essential functions that you need. Plus, it has 512 RAM and 4G ROM. Also, it can support up to 32G of external memory. These specifications will allow you to do a lot of things more smoothly and efficiently.

This device is perfect for people who constantly need to be connected while on the go. Through the 802.11b/g/h WIFI of the Star N9776 Note2, you can certainly surf the net without hassle wherever you are. Because it has a 6-inch screen, running applications would be very convenient for you as you run your errands. Have I mentioned that it’s also a dual-sim Smartphone? Do you know how much more comfortable it would be for you to eliminate the responsibility of having two mobile phones with you all the time?

Another great thing about the Star N9776 Note2 is that it has an 8.0 MP camera through which you can capture high quality images and videos. And to further ensure the quality of your snap shops and clips, it also comes with built-in flash and auto focus. Not just that, it also has a secondary camera showcasing 300k Pixels. Awesome, yes?

On top of everything, the best thing about the Star N9776 Note2 is that, unlike other Smartphones of its kind, this particular model does not cost a lot. For the price of only Php9,200, it is significantly more economical compared to other Smartphones which offer the same capacities. With this purchase, you can assure yourself that you won’t end up burning any money.

EasyN Wireless Camera Assures Your Security through its Night Vision

Some of the most priced contributions of today’s technology are those devices that uphold our security. Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) are fine examples, which are noted for the vast visibility they can grant to anyone who chooses to make use of them. It provides a wise purchase for people and companies who have a lot to lose.

EasyN Wireless CameraIndeed, a considerable amount of robberies and murder cases have already been solved through the eyes of CCTVs, which have the capability of recording countless hours of footages from different locations during times of crimes. Also, CCTVs allow us to closely monitor our properties so we’d know if some lowlife is lurking around our homes trying to break in. Not cool. Such circumstances are the reasons why companies and businesses are now making sure that a healthy set of CCTVs is installed around their establishments.

However, it must be said that not all CCTV brands are equal as there are some models that are incapable of acquiring quality footages because of lighting issues and other technical problems. In result, some intruders become impossible to identify. This is, of course, frustrating. Imagine, you already have a footage that would lead to a solid arrest, but a seemingly perfect catch becomes kaput simply because the video is too dark.

Sucks, right? Well, this is when EasyN 137P Wireless Camera comes in! With this gem in the world of security, you no longer have to worry about dark and low quality footages from your CCTV. It has a Night Vision Support that guarantees up to 10 meters of high-quality footage. Rest assured that EasyN 137P will make it easier to monitor your home—even at night! And with the option of setting your resolution to 640×480 pixels, you are sure to spot any potential threat to your properties.

EasyN 137P is very easy to install as this particular type of CCTV is a plug and play device, which eliminates the need to synchronize it with other devices. Also, it has an SD card slot that can handle up to 32G, making it a juggernaut recording machine. It also has a very convenient remote monitoring capability which lets you see what takes place around and/or inside your home even if you are away, giving you peace of mind whenever you have to go out of town. This device will let you have a worry-free vacation! You can even control it using your android phone which makes it all the more amazing.

Indeed, EasyN 137P Wireless Camera is a very helpful companion in every home. It is a reliable device that can free your mind from worries whether you are out for work on a normal day or having a quality time with your family out of town. And considering its merciful price, it is really a must-have!

5 Ways to a Gamer’s Heart

Falling for a gamer or even being with one seems really cool. But if you are not really into games, admiring or being with one can be a bit challenging. Of course, there is this dilemma of not being able to fully understand him and his interests. What if you cannot really understand where he is coming from? What if you cannot follow?

What you don’t really have to worry about is the fact that you are not really into computer games. Even if the person you like is a hardcore gamer, there are some particular ways through which you can connect with him and soon find a way to his heart. And here they are:

Winning a Gamer's Heart

1) Open your mind.

Fine – gaming is not really for everyone. But if you really want to win a gamer’s heart, you better open your mind and embrace the possibilities. Do not set your mind and tell yourself that there’s no way you are ever going to be into gaming. And instead of dismissing gaming as a waste of time, try to think of it as something else, as a passion or even an expertise perhaps. Widen your perceptions! Also, it would be helpful for you to also get to know the benefits of gaming. With sincere curiosity, try to discover the love gamers have for gaming.

2) Try to understand.

Sometimes, it’s quite easy for an outsider to judge the members of a particular group. When you don’t know much about what they do and the reason behind their actions, it can be difficult for us to hold our biases and prejudices. Often times, this is the issue between gamers and non-gamers. Non-gamers have the tendency to judge gamers most especially if they do not appreciate even a single thing about gaming. Some even dismiss their interest as a pointless “addiction.” This, of course, is offensive on a gamer’s part. So, if you want to get close to a gamer, make sure that you never judge him even if you don’t really appreciate what he is into. Instead, try to understand him. Think of him as a person who loves their craft the same way musicians love their music.

3) Show some interest.

Just because you are not into a particular hobby or sport does not mean you cannot be interested in it in any way. So even if you are not really into playing such games, let him feel that you are eager to know even a little about it to have an idea of what it is all about. It is a simple way of telling him that you are interested in every aspect of his humanity.

Gamer Couple

4) Do not be jealous.

The thing is, in some relationships, computer games create conflict. This is because computer games are usually time consuming and, well, pretty addictive. It is usually hard for anyone to stop a particular hobby once he has developed the necessary skills. Or once he’s acquired that special item. Or once he’s reached that certain level. You get the point. Instead of expressing jealously towards the game, try to involve yourself in his quests. Who knows? It could be your next ultimate bonding.

5) Be supportive.

Do not ever say he is just wasting his time. Never antagonize him for being so fond of games. Support the guy for Pete’s sake! Show him that you appreciate his interest and talent when it comes to gaming. When he wipes the entire enemy team by himself, cheer for him! When he makes the game-winning shot, congratulate him! If his controller gets busted, give him a new one! Oh, trust me. He’ll love it.

Sometimes, computer games seem to belong to a different realm, most especially from the point of view of a non-gamer. This is the reason why non-gamers appear to be alienating at times. And yes, it is not easy for non-gamers to deal with this fact. But to think of it, such a dilemma can actually be resolved if people are patient enough to understand them. So, if you are ever planning to get close to a gamer, make a way to his heart by being there for him. Open your mind! Try to understand him and his passion; show him that you are interested to know more about his world. If you can do it, surely, you can win his heart.

5 Things to Consider when Buying the Latest Smartphone

We have reached the age where people have opted to use larger bags to make space for all the latest gadgets that they just had to buy. Now they are cursed with the burden of having to carry this heavy load wherever they go. Can we consider this as another example of the popular “First World Problems” meme?

But alas, the solution to this problem has already been invented. All hail Smartphones, the technological landmark of this generation. Now, we can have almost everything that we need in one device. I’m not surprised at all at how more and more people are becoming interested in the greatness of Smartphones.

And as time goes by, newer phones with cooler features are also being released in the market. This fact makes people, even the ones who already have their Smartphones, tempted to shell out a wad of cash for such worldwide trends. Sure, there is really nothing bad about having the latest thingamabobs out there. But when it comes to purchasing such things, being sure about the worth of whatever you are going to pay for still matters.

Shopping for a Smartphone

The following is a list of things you may want to consider when buying the latest Smartphone.

1) Quality Above All

Because of the ongoing competition between the various manufacturers of Smartphones, there are already some companies who ventured in low-cost phones which more or less attracts more buyers. Imagine Smartphones that are very cheap. Sounds amazingly awesome, right? But of course, you still have to be very careful. Remember, not all cheap goods are smart buys.

2) Price

Although very cheap gadgets are sometimes too suspicious, let us not forget the fact that there are also gadgets that are way too overpriced. Yes, I am talking about those items that cost too much but are practically identical with the ones with cheaper market value. So, stop thinking that it is all about the price. Know that just because an item is so expensive does not mean it is automatically the best version available in the market.

3) Applications and Functions

Never ever go to stores when you do not know what you need. That is a rule. With all the cool Smartphones there staring at you and your wallet, it is certainly tempting to just randomly select something without really getting to know what applications or functions it has. So, if you are planning on buying the latest Smartphone, ask yourself first about what you really need and want. Decide on the specifications and never forget to study these gadgets on online stores first for further investigation. This way, you can avoid purchasing a phone with features you do not really need or getting a phone that could not give you what you need.

Buying the Latest Smartphone

4) Efficiency

Another thing that should be taken into consideration when buying the latest Smartphone is the gadgets’ efficiency. Do not just dwell on the gadgets’ cool features. Think of other aspects as well. Is it user-friendly? Does it have a long battery life that could help you during long and busy days? Can you sell it at a good price when a superior version is inevitably released? By asking yourself these questions and answering them honestly, you can make sure that you are going to have a wise buy.

5) Reviews and Feedback

One of the best blessings of this generation is the faster transmission of information. Of course, this has been helpful in consumerism. Now, we can easily know what others think of certain products before we even before we can lay a hand on them. Through this information and reviews, indeed, we can avoid purchasing things we can regret about in the future. So, if you are planning to buy something soon, don’t hesitate on reading honest and objective reviews of the product online. Take note of its strengths and weaknesses; they can help you weigh things before you make your final decision.

Buying a Smartphone can be really exciting. But at the same time, it can also be challenging because of the endless amount of choices that are presented in the market. And to guarantee a wise buy, you better be smart in choosing your next Smartphone.