Air Mouse vs. Leap Motion Controller

What do we want? Motion controlled computers! When do we want it? Why now, of course! Computer junkies, gadget techies, die hard gamers, dedicated graphic artists (or in my case all of the above) would all agree to set aside all differences and converge on the sole idea that manipulating time and space (our computers) through motions, hand gestures and all that would be extremely bad-ass! You get the drift, right?

Now what I have here are 2 seemingly high-tech gadgets dug up from a science fiction novel: the Air Mouse and the Leap Motion Controller, both of which, at first sight, seem to promise what we all want. But, the question is, do they actually live up to our expectations, or should I say, our desires? And if so, which one has the technological edge? Let’s find out!

Measy RC12 Air Mouse

Air Mouse

Let us first take a gander at the air mouse. What is it and what does it really have to offer to us?

The air mouse is just like your typical mouse in the sense that it almost functions exactly as the latter. It is, however, constructed completely differently. Ever seen “Iron Man”? Course you have. In a few sequences, we can see Robert Downy Jr. using a glove to control his futuristic computers. He waves his hand here and there and holographic apparitions of computer programs obey his commands.

One version of the air mouse pretty much looks the same as the glove used in the movie. However, the most common designs though are patterned from the image featured above, which is the Measy RC12 2-IN-1 Air Mouse. To build your confidence towards the device’s functionalities, I’ve listed down three of the many benefits that the air mouse have.

1) It gives you space and mobility as you take it across the room and still be able to control your computer.

2) It improves user-experience. Who would’ve thought that using a remote can be so much fun?

3) It light weight allows your hands to function in more relaxed positions. Did you know that using a tradition mouse for an extended period of time can cause serious strain injuries?

Leap Motion

Now let’s jump into the Leap Motion! Get it… jump… leap? I love puns!

So what’s with the Leap Motion gadget that Mac users are going nuts about? The Leap Motion Controller is a small gadget that connects to your computer via USB, transforming it into a virtually-3D interface! Think of it as Microsoft Kinect, only two hundred times better! The Leap Motion is able to track your hand movements up to a hundredth of a millimeter! May the force be with us!

The best way to describe how the Leap Motion Controller works is to imagine a touch screen tablet or smartphone. The gestures you do with your hand on touch screens are basically what the Leap Motion mimics – only you don’t have to touch anything but air! Not to be biased against the air mouse or anything, but I believe that the Leap Motion Controller is the first to successfully bring us closer to the future of computers! I encourage you to look up this awesome gadget if you haven’t already and I dare you to tell me that you’re not impressed!

But wait! I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! The price! The Leap Motion Controller only costs $79.99! Enough said. Go look it up…now!

There you have it people – a comparison of two of the coolest sounding technological peripherals for the future of mankind. Take a virtual trip to your go-to online store and further delve into their awesomeness!

Ainol Novo 10 Hero Tablet PC

The Ainol Novo 10 Hero Tablet PC is one of the fastest and well-built Tablet PC’s in the market today. Boasting an AmLogic 8726-M6 CPU clocking the Cortex-A9 dual core at 1.5GHz, this device is a beast at computing tasks. It doesn’t fall short on the graphics department either. Equipped with a Mali-400 GPU, the gamer inside you is sure to have a delightful surprise! It has a total of 1GB Ram for enhanced multi-tasking and flawless gaming. With a more than adequate 10.1 screen with resolutions up to 1280*800, you can enjoy seamless HD movies and TV shows anywhere you go! You can even connect the tablet to a larger high definition monitor through an HDMI cable. Of course, a tablet PC would not be complete without wireless connectivity, and it is here where the Ainol Novo 10 Hero Tablet is able to showcase its dual core prowess in surfing the web and multitasking through other computing tasks.

Operating on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Ainol Novo 10 Hero Tablet provides the latest and most up-to-date applications in the market. It also grants you access to an unlimited variety of games, social networking applications and other useful tools through the free-to-download clients that were already pre-installed. With 16GB of internal memory that’s expandable up to 32 GB, you are never going to run out of space to install your apps, store your music and download your movies. In fact, it already comes pre-packed with a number of great apps such as ES File Explorer, Google Search, Google Maps, Browser, Gallery, Clock, Market, Calculator, Calendar, Video and Gmail.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero Tablet PC

Another awesome thing about the Ainol Novo 10 is that it is also designed for people who don’t speak any English. The tablet is pre-configured with several language settings including Czech, Dansk, German, English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polski, Greek, Portuguese, Svenska, Turkey, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

The Ainol Novo 10 Hero Tablet comes with 2 built-in cameras: a 2.0 mega pixel camera at the back and a 0.3 mega pixel camera in the front. This is very convenient for video chatting and conferences. Experience a smooth exchange of videos between you and your friends through messaging applications such as Skype. With the capacitive touchscreen, navigating the web through the browser of your choice is a very enjoyable experience. Unlike other tablets that are only limited to resistive touch screens, the Hero is integrated with a 10.1-inch capacitive 5-point multi-touch LCD screen.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, an 8000 maH, 3.7v battery pack is thrown into the package! Maximize your productivity with over 8 hours of continuous usage. Reach up to 5 hours of non-stop hardcore gaming. Or until your eyes give up. Whichever comes first. No matter. The Ainol Novo 10 Hero Tablet is free of the disease that most Tablet PC’s in the market suffer from: weak batteries.

To further enhance your wireless capabilities, the Ainol Novo 10 Hero Tablet is capable of supporting external 3G dongles (not built-in) for E1916, ZTE AC2736, HUAWEI E1750, HUAWEI EC122, HUAWEI EM770W. The package includes one earphone and a USB cable. The tablet is fairly light, weighing in at 620 grams and sizing up at 265 x 180 x 9.9 millimeters. Port extensions are as follows: one TF card slot, one mini HDMI port, one micro USB port and one 3.5 millimeter earphone port.

Overall, the Ainol Novo 10 Hero Tablet PC is a great device that will 1) up your productivity at work and 2) support your entertainment needs by delivering stunning graphics for gaming and seamless movie-watching on high definition. Take a leap into a whole new technology and satisfy your craving for a high performance tablet!