12 Reasons Why the Chromebook is Worth Buying


They say that that the only thing constant in this world is change. True enough, because even in our technological world, changes and upgrades are inevitable. As soon as the latest gadgets gets are made available in online stores, faster and better versions are already placed under development. One such technological innovation is the Chromebook, which was first introduced to us in 2011. In this post, we are going to briefly discuss 15 aspects about the Chromebook that’s either going to make you thankful that you bought it or make you wonder why don’t have it yet. Let us begin.

1) OS – The Chromebook uses the Google Chrome OS, preventing overloads on your machine’s capacity to perform.

2) Chrome Remote Desktop – Allows remote access to your other computer’s software and files.

3) Google Docs and Offline Gmail – Having problems with your internet connection? Worry no more as you can now access your Gmail and other documents even in the absence of your internet connection.

4) Google+ Hangouts – Allocating voice/video chat time to your friends will never be hard with this app. Did you know that up to 9 people can interact through this feature? Oh, yes.

5) Google Drive – Here is an online file storage service that allows you to access your presentations, photos, games, and other documents. Open, share, and edit them anywhere and anytime as you please.

6) Compatibility – Chromebooks allow seamless syncing with your android phones and tablets that runs the chrome browser. You can access your files and bookmarked websites anytime, anywhere. A pleasure.

7) Guest Mode – With this feature, you can allow your not-so-close friends to use your Chromebook without having to worry about them invading your private files.

8) Automatic Updates – Chromebook constantly detects applications that need to be updated.  You will never have to waste time updating it manually. Oh, blessed joy! It’s free too, you know.

9) Chrome Instant – Automatically loads your recently opened websites without typing its complete address.

10) Boot-up Time – Chromebooks take only 10 seconds or less to boot-up. This is 300% faster compared to other computers. Take that!

11) 3G Connectivity – Browse the web with at least 100mb worth of free space for a month!

12) Defense in Depth – Chromebook is designed with a maximum security program that perform self-examinations to ensure that your system is never tampered in any form.

Seems good enough, eh? I’m gonna have to agree. The Chromebook is a work of wonder, and it’s definitely going to make your life more convenient in more ways than twelve.

NEWSFLASH: Samsung S4 launched on March 14, 2013

Hold on to your seats, Samsung fanatics! The latest android phone has just been officially released at the Unpacked Event in London on last March 14, 2013! Moving on from is S3 predecessor, Samsung is proud to unveil its latest smart phone that is set to compete with the release of Apple’s iPhone5. Surely, the S4 will prove itself worthy of the money people will buy it for. With this in mind, the only big question that remains is: what are the best things about the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Samsung S4

According to Roberta Cozza, Granter analyst, this android phone is set to run under the Google android operating system, staying true to its promise for a more profound customization. Rumors say that the Samsung S4 will feature a 5-inch 1080p screen, which is slightly larger than the Samsung S3’s. Powered by 1.9 GHz ARM’s A15 quad-core processor, this galaxy phone makes it possible to boost up your device even under intensified application activities. Transition from one app to another is also said to be smoother with its android-jellybean version 4.2 touchwiz.

Watching movies, browsing the web, playing your favorite games, and viewing your most beloved television shows will never be immediately interrupted with a “low-battery sign” because it is buzzed to be powered by Li-Ion 3100 mAh battery. Data terminals used to communicate have also been made faster with its 4G LTE feature. On top of all these awesome features is a 13-megapixel camera that is sure to be loved by the consumers.

As expected, the S4 will definitely have more advanced specifications as compared to other galaxy phones. Probably the most highlighted rumored feature of this new device is that it can be operated through an eye-tracked technology, meaning that you can access its functions with just your – your eyeballs! Is this new feature cool, or is this new feature COOL?!

If you are looking for a new phone, what’s really stopping you from getting the almighty S4? Too lazy to leave your home? Your argument is invalid. Group buying sites are more popular than ever.

How Group Buying Sites Killed Multiply Stores

There is no doubt that social media and social networking have made a considerable impact in the lives of individual people and in the existence of billion-dollar companies. Basic social interactions, planning of family gatherings, and setting of meetings can be done anywhere with a WiFi connection, provided that you didn’t forget to bring your precious laptop, of course. It is this drastic technological innovation that gave birth to electronic commerce (a.k.a. e-commerce), an industry that utilizes the power of the Internet to promote the buying and/or selling of certain products and/or services.

Multiply Store

Multiply was launched as a social networking site last March 2004 where people can upload and share pictures, music, videos, and blogs to their friends. Before Facebook and Twitter dominated the social media realm, Multiply was able to build a vast, active network. With the innovations and creative mind of its followers, e-commerce became a significant part of Multiply. Different Multiply stores offered a wide variety of products that caught the attention of thousands of consumers.

Although e-commerce has been around since 2000, it was only in the year 2008 when online shopping businesses, particularly group buying sites, have made its way as another contender in the online market. Until now, group buying sites play a major role with today’s driving patrons, offering great discounts to popular gadgets and innovations. This type of e-commerce, in a word, killed, the multiply stores. Here are the reasons:

            Factors             Multiply Stores        Group Buying Sites
Offerings Products only Products, Services, Trips, etc.Most have a “product of the day” feature that entices its followers to buy.
Coverage Based on what the owners have in hand. Covers multiple stores, brands, etc.
Discounts Limited discounts. Discounts are everywhere.
Value for money/Quality Most products are unbranded, which gives buyers little idea about the products. Most products are branded which lets buyers know the quality of what they are buying.

The abovementioned comparison gives no reason to ponder how group buying sites kicked Multiply stores off the map of online shopping. Multiply itself seems to recognize this truth in the way it has tripled its effort to revive its stores. Not too long ago, Mutiply’s CEO, Stefan Magdalinski, announced that they will no longer provide the social media features they were initially known for. With this, they’ll be focusing more on e-commerce with its Multiply-Market Place, which is designed to serve their patrons in Southeast Asia.

Pros and Cons of Using an Air Mouse

One of the handiest inventions to come out of the fast-paced information age is the mouse, a tool that helps us navigate our actions when using a computer. You can perform many technological functions and engage in limitless digital exploration just by clicking or scrolling your mouse, which is a power that you can make the most of not just with your desktop computer and gaming laptop, but with other portable devices as well.

Like any other device, the mouse keeps on evolving from one version to a more superior form. Do you still remember the first mouse you laid your hand on? Most of us can stretch our memory to the time when we first used the track-ball mouse back then. If your memory has failed you, the track-ball mouse has a rolling ball underneath it which helps the mouse interact with other internal moving parts as it performs its task.

In the year 1999, the optical mouse was developed. The introduction of this particular mouse eliminated the rolling ball with its red light-emitting diode. Radio-frequency mice and Bluetooth mice have also been developed through the years, furthering the innovation of this useful invention.

Recently, inertial/gyroscopic mice, or most commonly known as the air mouse, have conquered the market. The air mouse is a point-and-click device that allows you to operate a computer, set-top box, Smart TV, and so on. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this device.

Air Mouse


  • The air mouse spells convenience to its frequent users. This no-wire connection frees its users to move around 100 feet within his or her computer/TV.  This is most helpful to those who do presentations.
  • With programmable buttons that helps people customize its use, the air mouse can be used according to its user’s preferences.


  • The air mouse has many small buttons which are prone to accidental clicks and can potentially ruin a presentation. Not much of a disadvantage really, but there you go.
  • Takes time to learn the motion tools.
  • Does not respond to some software, for instance. The gyration air mouse only works for Mac OS X.

Indeed, innovations in this human-machine interface have evolved through the years. It has been inevitable. Most of the time, technological advancements have helped us do things more conveniently, especially when its features are superior from their precedents. The air mouse is indeed a work of art. And though its current features have not wowed everyone, its future updates just might do the trick.

Bang for the Buck Tablet PC: ONDA V712

Technology has evolved from being considered as a convenient invention to being identified as a necessary fad.  Most of our markets today consist of numerous brands and countless species of gadgets that people go crazy for. We are treated to a vast selection of devices that include the most advanced cellular phones, the most updated PCs, the most innovative laptops, the most popular Tablet PCs, and so on. Because technological upgrades have been abrupt and inevitable, questions like “What’s the latest?” and “Where can I buy that?” can be heard almost everywhere. And even though these gadgets are, in essence, more of a WANT than a NEED, people are willing to spend a lot of cash  on the latest and the most popular products in the market, which are, most of the time, also the most expensive ones.


Practically, not all people can buy the most expensive gadgets that are heavily displayed and advertised in the marketplace. Though this is the unfortunate truth, we can find comfort in the fact that ONDA had just released the V712, their latest 7-inch android slate. This Tablet PC has the most avant-garde software and hardware that an android tablet can possibly offer. Its 1.5 GHz dual core processor and 1GB DDR3 RAM allows you to run applications smooth and fast. Experience this fast-performing device with an ultra clear, high resolution screen at 1280*800 pixels.

Record lots of videos, store a multitude of pictures and install games and applications in its 16GB built-in storage (external up to 32GB). This capacitive touchscreen device allows its users to watch movies, do work reports, and play games without the need of stylus pens. Convenient, right? Moreover, it is in a 4.0.03 (upgradable to 4.1) android platform which enables its home screen folders be easily managed. Users can also add shortcuts, check mail, play music, etc. right from the home screen. Interact with your friends with its dual camera (0.3MP-front camera; 2.0MP-rear camera). With all the V712’s splendid features, multi-tasking, customization and interaction can be done at its users ease.

With its promising package, the ONDA V712 can be compared side-by-side with today’s most popular tablet PCs. With all the abovementioned specifications, and with the fact that it is about three times cheaper as compared to its counterparts, you can indeed experience MORE for LESS.