The 3 Most Bought Wireless Devices

As we enter a new year, the state of technology continues to be dominated by mobile and wireless devices that made computers and gadgets more accessible to even the most technophobic of individuals. With this widespread reach and ease of access in mind, wireless technology has really paved a pay for the propagation of technology all over the world.

Devices with touchscreen interfaces and wireless connections have made things so much easier, and special accessories have popped up to support and improve these gifts of technology. Various manufacturers throughout the world have caught on this market demand and have provided their own solutions for the mobile and wireless market. Online stores are flooded with such innovations, and here are the three best sellers among them.

Speaker Dock

Speaker Dock for Apple devices (OSS DS-1073)

These built-in speakers of Apple devices, which are not as powerful as most would want, are designed for mobility, and that is exactly what makes them so popular. Aside from allowing music lovers to listen to their favorite songs, such devices can serve as an internet radio, a charging dock, and as a means for friends and loved ones to engage in Skype/Facetime conversations.

The best-selling among them is the OSS DS-1073, which has a beautiful design that is both compact and powerful at the same time. Its size deceptively hides its capabilities and it can accommodate even iPads. It allows a more convenient way to listen to all genres of music, and it looks good enough to be the part of any room in the house.

Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers for PCs, cellphones, and other audio devices (DOSS DS-1121)

One of the most popular products that have come out of this age of wireless devices is wireless speakers. Whenever you don’t have access to full-sized speakers, it can be rather difficult to clearly comprehend whatever you are listening to, especially if there are a lot of background noises present. Earphones can solve this dilemma, but they can become quite uncomfortable after wearing them for an extended amount of time. In such cases, wireless speakers with a good battery life can prove to be useful.

In the world of wireless speakers, the DOSS DS-1121 is the undisputed top-seller due to its superior features. Whether you’re watching a movie on the road with friends or listening to a newly released album for the first time, then the DOSS DS-1121 will accommodate you with the best possible audio experience. It’s portable enough to be brought and used just about anywhere, as long as you don’t forget to pack fresh batteries.

Wireless Air Mouse and Keyboard

Wireless air mouse and keyboard (Measy RC12)

Wireless functionality has become more in-demand in recent years, especially with the rise of both pre-built and home-built media boxes. Since many end users now favor common computer operating systems in their media centers for functionality, versatility, and ease of use, wireless keyboards and mice have become hot sellers.

The Measy RC12 combines keyboard and mouse functionalities into one portable device. What you get from this device is the functionality of mouse and keyboard and the compactness of a classic remote control, but without the hassle. You don’t even have to point it directly at the computer since it’s a wireless connection. You can assume control of its functions as long as you’re within ten feet of it. Also, did you know that it has Bluetooth connection? Cool, huh?

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The 3 Most Bought Wireless Devices