12 Reasons Why the Chromebook is Worth Buying


They say that that the only thing constant in this world is change. True enough, because even in our technological world, changes and upgrades are inevitable. As soon as the latest gadgets gets are made available in online stores, faster and better versions are already placed under development. One such technological innovation is the Chromebook, which was first introduced to us in 2011. In this post, we are going to briefly discuss 15 aspects about the Chromebook that’s either going to make you thankful that you bought it or make you wonder why don’t have it yet. Let us begin.

1) OS – The Chromebook uses the Google Chrome OS, preventing overloads on your machine’s capacity to perform.

2) Chrome Remote Desktop – Allows remote access to your other computer’s software and files.

3) Google Docs and Offline Gmail – Having problems with your internet connection? Worry no more as you can now access your Gmail and other documents even in the absence of your internet connection.

4) Google+ Hangouts – Allocating voice/video chat time to your friends will never be hard with this app. Did you know that up to 9 people can interact through this feature? Oh, yes.

5) Google Drive – Here is an online file storage service that allows you to access your presentations, photos, games, and other documents. Open, share, and edit them anywhere and anytime as you please.

6) Compatibility – Chromebooks allow seamless syncing with your android phones and tablets that runs the chrome browser. You can access your files and bookmarked websites anytime, anywhere. A pleasure.

7) Guest Mode – With this feature, you can allow your not-so-close friends to use your Chromebook without having to worry about them invading your private files.

8) Automatic Updates – Chromebook constantly detects applications that need to be updated.  You will never have to waste time updating it manually. Oh, blessed joy! It’s free too, you know.

9) Chrome Instant – Automatically loads your recently opened websites without typing its complete address.

10) Boot-up Time – Chromebooks take only 10 seconds or less to boot-up. This is 300% faster compared to other computers. Take that!

11) 3G Connectivity – Browse the web with at least 100mb worth of free space for a month!

12) Defense in Depth – Chromebook is designed with a maximum security program that perform self-examinations to ensure that your system is never tampered in any form.

Seems good enough, eh? I’m gonna have to agree. The Chromebook is a work of wonder, and it’s definitely going to make your life more convenient in more ways than twelve.