Record Every Second of Your Favorite TV Program on Your Laptop

Sometimes, watching your favorite shows on your stunning Smart TV doesn’t seem enough. I’m sure there’ve been instances when you wanted to preserve certain scenes for you to watch over and over again whenever you want to relive their memories. Well, that wish is entirely possible now, thanks to the introduction of the GADMEI UTV332E TV Box.

Here is a device that allows your laptop to work as though it were a television set. Meaning to say, you can watch your favorite television shows using your laptop, wherever you are, whenever you want. And apart from that, it also has excellent recording capabilities that let you capture your favorite moments on the television.


Actually, this device is good at both taking photos and videos. And an awesome thing about the GADMEI UTV332E TV Box is that it can capture photos and videos in an absolute instant. Because of this helpful feature, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing a few scenes that can result from a slow capturing device. The technical superiority of the GADMEI UTV332E TV Box will make sure that each scene will be smoothly and completely captured or recorded as soon as you hit the necessary button. To establish its excellence, this device is designed to take static and dynamic pictures of high quality. No more low quality outputs; no more missed opportunities.

Apart from these functions, the GADMEI UTV332E is also designed to handle multi-format, real-time recording, which lets you choose from different formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and Microsoft MPEG-4. Thus, you no longer have to worry about incompatibility issues. Through this feature, you can select the format that is readable by your device. Plus, such formats can also be easily burned in DVDs which can be helpful as you decide to archive your files. And sure, these DVDs are playable in different players and devices, helping you avoid headaches caused by incompatibility issues.

To further complete your wonderful experience with this innovative device, the GADMEI UTV332E is also capable of  recording your desired TV shows automatically at the time of your choice. All you have to do is set or program it according to the time schedule of whatever show you would like to record. Once you’ve set everything up, the recording will take care of itself.

Available on group buying sites, the GADMEI UTV332E allows you to fix colors, cut clips, or add certain effects to your photos and/or videos. This has been made possible because this device also comes with a video editor function. The GADMEI UTV332E TV Box is another great invention that has provided more opportunities to preserve our favorite memories.

Pros and Cons of Using an Air Mouse

One of the handiest inventions to come out of the fast-paced information age is the mouse, a tool that helps us navigate our actions when using a computer. You can perform many technological functions and engage in limitless digital exploration just by clicking or scrolling your mouse, which is a power that you can make the most of not just with your desktop computer and gaming laptop, but with other portable devices as well.

Like any other device, the mouse keeps on evolving from one version to a more superior form. Do you still remember the first mouse you laid your hand on? Most of us can stretch our memory to the time when we first used the track-ball mouse back then. If your memory has failed you, the track-ball mouse has a rolling ball underneath it which helps the mouse interact with other internal moving parts as it performs its task.

In the year 1999, the optical mouse was developed. The introduction of this particular mouse eliminated the rolling ball with its red light-emitting diode. Radio-frequency mice and Bluetooth mice have also been developed through the years, furthering the innovation of this useful invention.

Recently, inertial/gyroscopic mice, or most commonly known as the air mouse, have conquered the market. The air mouse is a point-and-click device that allows you to operate a computer, set-top box, Smart TV, and so on. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this device.

Air Mouse


  • The air mouse spells convenience to its frequent users. This no-wire connection frees its users to move around 100 feet within his or her computer/TV.  This is most helpful to those who do presentations.
  • With programmable buttons that helps people customize its use, the air mouse can be used according to its user’s preferences.


  • The air mouse has many small buttons which are prone to accidental clicks and can potentially ruin a presentation. Not much of a disadvantage really, but there you go.
  • Takes time to learn the motion tools.
  • Does not respond to some software, for instance. The gyration air mouse only works for Mac OS X.

Indeed, innovations in this human-machine interface have evolved through the years. It has been inevitable. Most of the time, technological advancements have helped us do things more conveniently, especially when its features are superior from their precedents. The air mouse is indeed a work of art. And though its current features have not wowed everyone, its future updates just might do the trick.

The Pros and Cons of Internet Group Buying

Back in November 2008, the idea of group buying on the Internet started to really go around with the rise of, which set off the birth of similar sites like and, of course, our very own eBuyGroupPh. Soon enough, hundreds of group buying sites began popping up, each boasting awesome ideas of their own.

Internet group buying seems like a pretty good idea for consumers as there’s little to no risk in it. All in all, it’s really the more practical and cost-effective option compared to individual online shopping. How? Well, in a nutshell, group buying sites offer unlimited promos that offer massive discounts on popular products.

Internet Group Buying

However, such promos do expire later on, causing some deals to be unused entirely. Aside from that gripe, group buying is seen as a safe and useful way to save money while shopping online.

The risk though is on the business side of things, wherein revenue may not be certain with all their featured discounts that could exceed the 50% mark. The common tactic of group buying websites is to make enticing deals available which are instantly promoted by emails sent to shoppers who are subscribed to their newsletter. From there, the customers have a time limit in which they can avail of the deal. Once the time limit is over, the deal will be split in cost, depending on how many had availed of it. A lot of sites are generous enough to split the price tag by half, popularizing the “50% off!!” trend.

While this may not look good for businesses on paper, they do get a sizeable amount of money upfront, so costs are covered right then and there. Brand exposure and website marketing are also achieved during the offered deals. There are a lot of advantages in participating in a group buying deal, but remember that running and making a profit out of it takes a lot of skills and research.

You have to decide on which company is best to partner with in your particular situation. List down all your best candidates, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and determine which company is most compatible with your vision. With group buying being one of the biggest trends in the online market today, you have plenty of reasons to invest in it, assuming of course that you’ve done all the necessary research. Remember that it’s those foundational decisions that make or break a business, so vigilance and care is crucial.

Review of Measy RC12 Air Mouse and Wireless Keyboard

The Measy RC12 Air Mouse and Wireless Keyboard is one helluva gadget that has made its mark in the current era of portable tablets and smartphones. While touchscreen interfaces and keyboards are becoming easier and more effective to use, they still do not give the full feedback of physical keyboards. This is solved with the Measy RC12, a Bluetooth device that features a small QWERTY keyboard, an air mouse on the left, and a touchpad on the right side.

The keyboard itself has easy-to-press buttons that should fit the hands of most sizes. The air mouse has high sensitivity, making it responsive to even the vaguest of touch commands. The bottom of the device opens up to reveal a compartment for 3 AAA batteries as well as a micro USB Bluetooth dongle that can be plugged into the PC.

Measy RC12 Air Mouse and Wireless Keyboard

The left part of the device features directional buttons, including left and right mouse buttons, giving you absolute control. The keyboard itself also features full function keys, allowing you to use convenient keyboard shortcuts and commands for various applications. All of these little things give the Measy RC12 a superior functionality that is rare in similar devices.

With a reasonable 2-minute timeout, the device also has an auto sleep mode that helps preserve battery life. If you have to use it again, it wakes up immediately and lets you use it without delay. The device itself weighs a mere 123 grams and is 20cm long and 5.6cm wide, which is quite compact for a device that has such a wide range of capabilities.

The Bluetooth connection is a 2.4GHz wireless with plug and play, making connections seamless. Also, it has a range of ten feet, which is more than enough for most home theater setups. It also makes it more versatile than those traditional TV remote controllers that are required to be pointed directly at the receiver of the TV. With the Measy RC12, you can easily input your commands even if there’s something blocking the device. (If you’ve had your own Measy RC12 for quite some time now, I’m pretty sure you’ve tested its awesomeness by checking if it’d still work behind this and that.)

To further describe its wonder, the Measy RC12 is perfect for media boxes, whether it’s Windows, Linux, Apple, or Android. As long as it has Bluetooth, you can pair it with the Measy RC12 and you’ll never have to get off your couch to control it ever again.

The Measy RC12 is also great for presentations and lectures, especially since it’s more functional than most commercially-available presenters while still being as portable. The touchpad is also large and responsive enough for handwriting and drawing applications, so you have more power at your fingertips during your presentation.

The Measy RC12 is available in both black and white and usually costs around $30, but there are online stores that offer them for as low as $16.

Optimizing Your E-commerce Website’s Site Speed

As an online shopper, you don’t want to get frustrated waiting for the items to load in an e-commerce website. Every extra second of loading time takes one’s patience level one point down. This delay is tantamount to the chance of losing potential sales. In order to boost your site speed, your e-commerce website should follow the proper optimization procedures. In this article, we will share guidelines on how to increase the site speed and improve your site’s performance.

Improving Website Speed

1) Place More Important Items at the Top

Since websites often load pictures, text and other objects above the fold, you should locate your site’s most valuable information at the top of the home page. If the visitors of your site see what they’re looking for at first glance, they will most probably study your site by doing a little exploring.

2) Manage Your Tags

Tags are commonly known as pixels. Most e-commerce sites use about 20 different tags, such as the display advertisements, affiliates, site analytics, etc. These are things you should learn to manage without firing them all at the same time. In your backend codes, check the deployment process of tags and show up the ones which tend to be culprits when it comes to the load speed of your site.

3) Organize the Navigation

It’s better if you can categorize the items in your e-commerce website. For instance, if you’re selling fashion items, design the website with a navigation panel that separates the labels of shirts, pants, accessories and dresses. This way, customers will not cram on finding where to click to get to the landing page they want to view first.

4) Focus on the Top Products

Don’t display all your products on the home page, especially if each one would come with a picture or image thumbnail. Since it’s impossible for customers to virtually see them all, just choose a manageable set of the top products you think will sell best. This will then intelligently improve the page quality and business focus. Also, as much as you can, limit the number of images in each product template and opt for a lighter CSS solution instead.

5) Optimize CSS and JavaScript

Speaking of CSS, you should be able to combine custom style sheets for speed boost. Remove the CSS files that you don’t need and the JavaScript which do not pertain to your template. Having a minimalist mindset, you should learn how to effectively reduce the number of line in the codes.

Like any other website, e-commerce site optimization for speed will produce great results if you follow these basic steps. Monitor the items which cause lags and always check your site for any downtime to make sure you deliver content to your customers faster and better.

How do Group Buying Sites Earn Profit?

As we know, group buying sites have been around for quite some time now. In fact, it has gained a significant amount of popularity here in the Philippines. Because they specialize in slicing a huge chunk off the price of their products, these online stores have become a huge hit. Do you know that, on some occasions, these discounts can exceed the 70% mark? Amazing, huh?

Considering the awesome discounts and unlimited perks that are constantly offered to us by group buying sites, it is inevitable for one shopper to stop and wonder, “How does this kind of business earn a profit?”

A good question, but before we can go on and answer it, we must first develop an understanding on how group buying sites function in the first place.

Group Buying Philippines

Group buying was born out of the belief that collective purchasing has a stronger bargaining power than individual shopping. By highlighting a special discount on a particular product, numerous online shoppers would sign up and purchase that discounted product. Though this method is also true for regular shopping at malls, the twist here is that the price of the special product would get lower as more people signed up to purchase it. Because the discounts are only available for a specific amount of time, products are always purchased in bulk.

Indeed, group buying sites have provided great opportunities for online shoppers, but there are times when a site isn’t able to meet the required quota of buyers that would result in the proposed discount. Potential buyers won’t have their chosen products given to them automatically for they still have to wait until the time given for the deal has run out. And when the time is finally up, there will be a review whether the deal has reached its quota of buyers. If the deal has reached the quota, that is the only time when the buyers will be charged and receive their purchase.

Following this system, the site therefore becomes a referrer of a number of sure buyers to their affiliate companies. Since the sites have a huge group of followers, it is easy for them to easily attract buyers that would sign up for their deals. And it is through these abundant referrals that they get their commissions.

In fact, even if the deal fails to meet the minimum requirement, the site is still able to get some helpful information from these interested buyers as their names are added to the affiliate companies’ list of prospective clients in the near future.

2 Easiest Ways to Give your LED TV an upgrade to Smart TV

To own a first-rate television set at home is to treat yourself to one of the most beloved and enduring forms of entertainment in the past century. You can browse all your favorite channels, be tuned in to the latest news and get updated of the newest trends to hit the town without having to leave your doorstep, or your couch.  As great as all of this sound, our traditional perception of television is slowly becoming a thing of the past since the introduction of the Android TV Dongle, particularly the Measy U1A model. This small modem converts the TV screen into a smart computer where all the web functions can be easily accessed.

Smart TV

Those who worry about the space a desktop computer occupies will surely enjoy the convenience that the Measy UIA is offering. It’s smaller than your average prepaid stick, yet it has the same capacity as a regular computer.  One can download almost every available application from Google because of its Android compatibility.  From there, you can get the applications fast and free with its wide selections that feature games, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and so on.  Also, the Measy U1A comes in 3D processing capability in high definition, which is a tremendous feature considering its reasonable price.

On the other hand, the Measy RC12, or the 2-in-1 smart air mouse + touchpad wireless keyboard, elevates the functions of the conventional mouse and keyboard of the old days. Thanks to its handy wireless features, high sensitivity, and fast connection, these devices is a dream come true for all the lovers of technology out there.  Perfect for group presentations and seminars, the Measy RC12 can be easily purchased from your trusted online shop.

The combined features of the Measy RC12 and the Measy UIA would create an exciting virtual experience that would leave little to the imagination.  Just check out the numerous other positive reviews for these devices, and you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. With the Measy RC12 and the Measy U1A, you can upgrade your awesome LED TV to an even more awesome Smart TV.

Star N9776 Note2: A Smartphone that does not Burn Money

The products of technology are being constructed and distributed at an immeasurable pace. It no longer matters who you are, where you live, or what your lifestyle is. All you have to do name your need, cause there is surely a gadget out there that will be more than happy to satisfy you.

The boom of Smartphones has greatly contributed in the rampant rise of this technological age. And though most of the items that you’ll find in this category are quite costly, more cost-effective models have been made available to the market. The challenge here is in finding the economical ones that are also high quality. It is easy to spot a really affordable Smartphone; the hard part comes when it’s time to check if the model at hand is actually reliable. Ask yourself the question: “Will this Smartphone be worth the buy, or am I just wasting my money on a cheap, frail replica”?

Considering this reality, it is wiser to be more meticulous when it comes to picking the perfect Smartphone for you.

Star N9776 Note2

In comes the Star N9776 Note2, one of the newest Smartphones available in online stores today. A reliable partner in multitasking, this superior device is a 3G Smartphone powered by the operating system of Android 4.0.9. It also has an MTK6577 1.2GHz dual core processor that speeds up all the essential functions that you need. Plus, it has 512 RAM and 4G ROM. Also, it can support up to 32G of external memory. These specifications will allow you to do a lot of things more smoothly and efficiently.

This device is perfect for people who constantly need to be connected while on the go. Through the 802.11b/g/h WIFI of the Star N9776 Note2, you can certainly surf the net without hassle wherever you are. Because it has a 6-inch screen, running applications would be very convenient for you as you run your errands. Have I mentioned that it’s also a dual-sim Smartphone? Do you know how much more comfortable it would be for you to eliminate the responsibility of having two mobile phones with you all the time?

Another great thing about the Star N9776 Note2 is that it has an 8.0 MP camera through which you can capture high quality images and videos. And to further ensure the quality of your snap shops and clips, it also comes with built-in flash and auto focus. Not just that, it also has a secondary camera showcasing 300k Pixels. Awesome, yes?

On top of everything, the best thing about the Star N9776 Note2 is that, unlike other Smartphones of its kind, this particular model does not cost a lot. For the price of only Php9,200, it is significantly more economical compared to other Smartphones which offer the same capacities. With this purchase, you can assure yourself that you won’t end up burning any money.