Measy U2C Dual Core Bluetooth Camera Mic Mini PC

Ever wondered what it’s like to use your television set as a computer? To chat with your friends and loved ones, or take family photos, and see them in higher definition? To watch movies and listen to music stored in your Android phone on your television? To surf the Internet using your television.

All of that and more are now made possible with this little device called the Measy U2C Dual Core Bluetooth Camera Mic Mini PC (hereon referred to as the U2C)! Who would have thought that such a small device as this would be able to do so much, and all for the affordable price of Php 5,500 (3,500 with discount)!

Let’s start off with the fact that this device is loaded with Android 4.1 OS, which means you have the necessary applications to organize your tasks, watch videos, and even play games. Multitasking will be a breeze with its quad-core 1.6GHz processor and 1GB RAM. Its dual chips also give you an advantage as it implies faster performance and therefore greater chances of being productive.

Measy U2C Dual Core

Moreover, its 8GB flash memory enables you to store your most important documents. It has Bluetooth for sending files, syncing different devices like remotes, speakers, laptops, or even your phone.

In addition, the U2C has a built-in 2-megapixel camera and microphone, so you will have no problem at all using Skype or voice chat, or recording video clips. And of course, in order to chat with your friends and watch videos on YouTube, you’re going to need a way to connect to your own Wi-Fi network. The U2C has its very own WLAN function that enables you to do this.

Now, let’s go a little deeper into the features of this device, as if we haven’t heard enough already. Remember when I said you could watch movies and listen to music stored in your Android phone or tablet? The U2C makes this possible through one of its features called DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance – an organization that developed the standards for sharing stuff amongst different devices).

With DLNA, you wouldn’t need a cable to connect your smartphone or tablet because you will be able to sync it to the U2C wirelessly. The U2C also features a P2P, or peer-to-peer, long-distance control. It means you can control your U2C from afar, say your office or even at the mall, using your Android phone.

This is especially beneficial when you want to make sure that you know what your child or younger sibling is watching. In addition, through P2P, you can use your Android phone as the remote control of your television.

Other things you might be looking for that are in the U2C are Micro USB and USB 2.0 ports, a TransFlash (micro SD) port, a DC 5v port for the USB power cable, and last but definitely not the least (and oftentimes taken for granted), a standby button.

Looking for all of these and more? Why get multiple devices when you can get all these benefits in one? Grab your very own U2C today!

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